Boracay Island Beaches | Beach Hopping Guide

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Explore the Spectacular Boracay Island Beaches

Boracay Island has more than a dozen unique beaches and many coves. Most of these boracay beaches have the same powdery white sand for which the island is famous around the world. Below is a brief description of some of the best and most interesting beaches of boracay.

White Beach This is the most well known beach in Boracay. It is 4 kilometers long and up to 100 meters wide. This famous stretch of white sand is the premier beauty and tourist attraction of boracay. The major attractions here are sunbathing on the sparkling white sand or relaxing under the cool shelter of the bordering palm trees. Wading and snorkeling are also popular here, as the gentle slope of the sand produces shallows a long way out from the shore. Skimboarding, banana boat ride, glass bottom boat, and Sailing are also popular here. There are also some masseurs who ply the beach offering thier service.

Diniwid Beach
This peaceful beach is only 200 meters long and a short walk from the north end of White Beach along the Fairways and Blue Water road. Those who undertake the trek are rewarded with one of the best views of the island from a platform rock. Built on a steep, high seacliff at the end of Diniwid Beach, is an exclusive resort home area.

Puka Shell Beach
The second longest in the island, covers half of the northern tip of the island. The mild surf is typical of an island surrounded by fringing reefs. The beach is 800 meters long and has an abundance of small shells and tiny, white coral amulets, which are suitable for necklace pendants. Puka beach is named after the Puka shell, regarded by experts as the finest in the world. To fully appreciate the ecenery, motorized banca trips are recommended. The beach ends abruptly at the Lapuz-Lapuz cliffs, on the extreme Northern point of the island. This is the most primitive and rugged part of boracay.

Balinghai Beach
Tiny Balinghai Beach, enclosed by craggy walls of rock, is a romantic hideaway for those who prefer quiet place and solitute. Cottages of the Baling-Hai Resort are scattered on the rock cliff as well as at the top of the cliff above the beach. The resort offers drinks and food delivered to the beach in an unusual way - try it! Baling-Hai among Boracay Beaches is perfect for snorkeling, with a coral garden not too far from shore.

Cagban Beach
Cagban Boracay Beach is a good place also for treasure hunting: Cagban means 'cave' or 'chest' and it's said that several treasure chests are still lying buried in the sand or in surrounding caves. This Boracay Beach also offers quietness and relaxation, away from the bustling action on the White Beach.

Bulabog Beach
Bulabog Beach comes alive during the early months of each year when windsurfers skim through its waters. Amateurs and professionals take advantage of the strong winds as they race from one end to the other., truly a windsurfer's paradise. In addition to windsurfers, kiteboarders also now enjoy the strong wind until the month of June and July, when the southwest monsoon begins. Bulabog Beach is often deserted, allowing you to feel the "Other side" of boracay during a walk there.

Punta Bunga Beach & Banyugan Beach
Punta Bunga Beach Boracay is just a short distance north of Balinghai Boracay Beach. Many attractive shells may be seen when walking along Punta Bunga Boracay Beach. On the hillside that forms the southern border of the Punta Bunga Boracay Beach are a growing number of establishment and private houses, located there for the beautiful view. Some of these houses may be rented. A very short uphill climb north of Punta Bunga is BUNYAGAN BEACH, another secluded strip of white sand. Beyond it stand widely-spaced coconut trees and flatland, ideal for picnics.

Ilig-Iligan Beach 
Ilig Iligan Boracay Beach is on the east coast of Boracay Island and offers several coves and caves. Inland on Boracay Island is an impressive jungle where giant fruit bats may be seen hanging in the trees. Local Boracay Island boys offer their services as Boracay Tour guides to the Bat Caves, located a 30-minute walk inland from the Ilig Iligan Boracay Beach. Ilig Iligan Beach is accessible by road via motorbike, bicycle or hiking. Like most Boracay Beaches on Boracay Island's east coast , access by boat depends on the Boracay weather and tide, with the sea sometimes rough during the northeast monsoon. During the southwest monsoon, however, the sea is normally calm an clear, perfect for snorkeling and offshore Boracay Scuba Diving Trips.

Manoc Manoc Beach
Manoc Manoc Beach Boracay, in the Village of  Barangay Manoc-Manoc, is on the southern-end of Boracay Island. From there you can look south across the channel to the village of Caticlan on the northern point of Panay Island. Caticlan Jetty Port  is where you boarded the banca boat that will brought you to Boracay. The beach is windy the whole year. Manoc Manoc Beach is a busy place with a steady stream of boats from Caticlan unloading needed supplies for Boracay Hotels, Resorts, and other businesses. From Manoc-Manoc Beach on Boracay Island you will occasionally see experienced Boracay Windsurfers or Boracay Kitesurfers racing through the strong winds and currents -up to 6 knots- in the channel.

Tulubhan Beach and Tambisaan Beach
Tulubhan Beach is located further South of Bulabog Beach. This boracay beach is small and quiet and with many coves. Old trees provide welcome shade during the hot month of February and March. Tambisaan Beach is a short walk away a rocky point. A small friendly village is nearby, where the athmosphere is sleepy until the southwest moonsoon begins.

All of these beautiful beaches can be reached by boat, and most on mountain bikes, tricycles, and ATV's. See getting around boracay. See also  Map of Boracay Island for the location of these beautiful boracay beaches.

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