Boracay Under the Sea | Scuba Diving, Snorkeling

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Dive, Boracay Style!

Boracay Diving? There are Dive Sites around boracay for both beginners and experienced divers, with over 20 sites within a 30 minute boat ride of the island. Additionally, dive safaris from one day to one week explore numerous more distant sites aboard comfortable, fully equiped dive boats. Do not forget to bring yourdive certificate or licence and remind your friends.

Boracay DivingThere are almost 30 dive shops on Boracay, most of them along White Beach. The number of dive shops ensures keen competition, high quality equipment and generally very good scheduling of dives and instruction. All dive shops are members of the Boracay Association of Sport and Scuba Diving (BASS). BASS monitors the condition of dive equipment and carries out environmental work.

The many dive sites around boracay offer very good variety, from easy shallow walls to deep drop-offs and fast drift-dives. Numerous sites offer excellent opportunities for encounters with large fish and close views of soft and hard coral, sponges, nudibranches, sea stars and sea cucumbers. Most of the Pacific fish species are resident around Boracay, including sharks as well as manta rays and turtles. Lobster and sea snakes can be seen at some times. 

Dive sites include wreck dives, shore dives, deep wall dives, drift dives, night dives and easy boracay diving.

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