Boracay Origin | How do Boracay got its name

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Boracay | The Name

manoc-manoc-beach-boracaySeveral versions exists about the origin of the name Boracay. According to one, it derives from the old local wordborac, meaning cotton, in reference to the white, cotton-like color and texture of Boracay's sand.

According to another version, the name came from the local word bora (bubbles) and bocay (white), because Ati elders amazed at the resemblance of the white sand to water bubbles.

Yet another Legend has it that the name dates back to the time when Spaniards came ashore and picked up shells. Meeting with the Atis later, the Spaniards were told that Sigay is the name of those shells. When the Spaniards ask the Atis were planting, they were told boray, a certain vegetable seed. From boray and sigay came the name Boracay.

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