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Boracay Butterfly Garden and Farm

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There are two places on Boracay Island worth visiting. the first, butterfly Garden, opened in 2002 and is located at Bulabog Beach . It is an attractively landscape garden where you can walk in an enclosure among rare and beautiful butterflies. This beautiful tropical garden contains in excess of 150 plant species and between 200-300 live tropical Philippine butterflies at any one time. The number of butterfly species it is possible to see on any one visit depends on the time of the year but in excess of 20 different species is normal. Many of the plants are labeled for visitor information, and the important butterfly host plants or breeding plants are emphasized to the visitors.Take a tour to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly, starting with the egg, caterpillars, pupae, and finally the butterfly itself.  Refreshments, plants and handicrafts are available for purchase.

The second, the butterfly Farm, is a tiny, lush graden of tropical plants and delighted by hundreds of these colorful insects in a transparent tent. One can admire wood nymps, common mormons, clippers, plain tigers, lemon migrants and many more. Specialty: live butterflies can be supplier for weddings.

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