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Boracay Vacation: Beautiful Beaches, Watersports, Festivals, Boat Ride

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BORACAY VACATION | Daytime Activities

BEACH COMBING - Boracay is known to the world for its magnificent beaches. Its pristine white sand, crystal blue waters and its majestic view of sunset are the natural wonders that Boracay is most sought after for. Boracay has a handful of notable beaches worth visiting.   From the most busy beach where you can watch people playing volleyball, jogging and building sandcastles to a more idyllic and secluded beach where you can relax and enjoy as you watch the beauty of nature that Boracay offers. 

Watersports and other activities by sea   
The beach beckons for some serious swimming, or just wading by the shore. For the more active vacationers, services  and gears are readily available for  divingfishingskimboardingwaterskiingbanana boat rideglass bottom boatparasailing and  windsurfing.

Boracay Activities by Land
Away from the beaches, you will discover a fascinating different life altogether. You can try  mountain biking or horseback riding and visit villages and settlements where you can meet the friendly people of Boracay and see their authentic island life. 

Some popular island activities are beach volleyballultimate frisbee,  wall climbinghiking and  island trekking.  Other activities includes watching flying foxes,playing golfracing cars and shopping. You can also visit Boracay Kar-tir Seashell Museum, the Boracay Art Gallery and the Butterfly Garden  (Butterfly Farm).  For the less adventurous, the very popular Boracay Tattoo is available at almost every corner of the white beach.

At the end of the day, unwind with a very relaxing massage. Skilled masseurs offering massage services are plenty at the beach front. But for a more luxurious treat, you may  visit the spas and wellness center available at the Island.

Boracay is a small island but  you will find many fun things for those that love adventure under the sun.  The choice is yours when it comes to boracay vacation activities.

Activities in Boracay

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