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Boracay Dive Sites
|Best Guide to Boracay Dive Sites!

Deep Wall Dives - For Experienced Divers
There are four exciting dive sites off Yapak, all with deep walls that start at 30 to 35 meters. The main attraction of Yapak I is a beautiful swim through "the Chimney."  Yapak II is very popular because white tip and  and gray reef sharks and schools of tuna are often seen. Yapak III, with its 55 metter-wall, is an ideal site for technical diving. At Yapak IV, also called the "Gorgonia Drop," there is a large variety of coral as well as regular sightings of eagle rays.

Drift Dives - For Experienced Divers
The Channel in the Tabon Strait has strong tidal currents of considerable strenght. there's also a shark cave where, if you are lucky, you will see whitetip reef sharks.

Boracay Ship Wreck - For Experienced Divers
The Camia II, once a steel hulled fishing vessel, was donated by a Manila Fishing Company and sunk in January 2000. It rests on the bottom at30 meters with its wheel house at 20 meters. Ghost pipe fish, scorpion fish and schools of bat fish are commonly seen, and the hull may be explored with training.

Boracay Night Dives - Experienced Divers
The three main sites for night dives are Crocodile Island, the Wreck Camia II and the Beach Night Dive. crocodile Island by night is when you will see morrays, large crabs and lobsters, and sometimes turtles. A night dive on the Wreck is good for encounters with sting rays, micmic octopus and scorpion fish. The Beach Night Dive offers a close view of shrimps, crabs, flounders and other bottom dwellers.

Easy Dives - Diving for Beginners
At Laurel Island 1, one swims through a hole in the island at 5 meters and down to 18 meters, while laurel island 2 is a wall at 10 to 25 meters. both of these sites have excellent hard and soft corals. Friday Rock is a fun dive with many fish. in shore of Fridays Rock is a nice coral garden which is a 15 minute ride away. On the nearby sandy bottom are moray eels, different species of starfich, sea cucumbers and more. Crocodile Island is another good site for an easy dive, with soft corals and large variety of reef fish.

Rainy Season Dives - For Beginners
Diving doesnt stop in the rainy season (July to November), and there are many good sites including the Laurel Islands and Crocodile Island. Also Laguna de Boracay is a n easy to reach site with clams of different sizes, scorpion fish and butterfly fish. Many tropical fish maybe seen along the reef of Malabunot with slopes from 9 meters down to 20 meters.

Day Trips and Safaris - Beginners and Experienced Divers
There are numerous possibilities for dive safaris lasting one day up to one week. The four walls on Panay Island range in depth from 3 meters down to 30 meters. These wall dives are ideal for both beginners and experienced divers and make a great day trip, with a barbeque lunch on the beach at Buruanga. Manigum Island, with a spectacular wall on its northern side, is a full one-day trip where visibility is excellent. Panagatan Cays, a two-day trip is a group of three small islands with deep wall sites and turtles, barracudas, schools of jacks and many sharks.

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