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It's easy to explore Boracay Island

Motorized pedicab and tricycle is still the classic mode of transportation in Boracay.  The daytime fare per passenger is around 30 to 50 pesos for any trip in the flat area between Boat Stations 1 and 3. Fares are higher , and often negotiable, for trips beyond station 1 and 3. Pedicabs are available on the southern part of White beach path. Daytime per person range for 40 pesos and above, depending on the distance and your negotiating skills. Nightime fares for both motorcycles (tricycles) and pedicabs are higher the later the hour. Prices are supposed to be posted in the trycicles so have a look if you are unsure of the right fare.

Note: Some dishonest tricycle drivers might try to trick you into paying more so before getting into the tricycle, ask how much the fare is or ask the locals first. If you're in doubt just wait for another tricycle or get the tricycle driver's serial number and you can complain about it later.

Vehicle Rental - the island has a comparatively good road network, so most of the interesting sightseeing spots can be reached by either mountain bike or motorcycle.  Both can be rented by the hour or daily from numerous rental operators, especially along the White Beach path. Pices vary. Tricycles can be rented for about 200 pesos per hour to tour the island, but they can travel only on the main road. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the beachfront. One can find rental shops at the corner of D'Mall and the main road.

ATV (newest craze in the island). You can also explore the whole  island by means of ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). Transverse steepest and the most rugged road going to Mount Luho and other scenic viewpoints. Just rent an ATV and travel the whole island.

Cars are not allowed on boracay island so there's no car rental available.

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