Boracay Activities | Horseback Riding, Hiking, Biking, Golf

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Exploration | Off the Beach Activities at Boracay

In addition to the "must see" beautiful viewpoints and scenic areas in Boracay and the festivals and events, Boracay "off the beach" activities offer choices including golf, beach volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, wall climbing, car race,  horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, tennis, horseback riding, biking, hiking, and many others.

Mountain Biking | Motor Biking | ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)   - Mountain Bike is one of the common mode of transportation in Boracay Island. Travel to the vast terrain of Boracay and along the beach on a mountain bike, and pedal through the hillsides, rough roads and sands of the island. Exploring the island on a mountain bike or on foot is not only a good exercise but the best way to find those out-of-the-way, unspoiled parts of Boracay. Paths crisscross most of the island. You are also welcome to join the Cyclone MTB Club (Mountain Bikers Boracay) for thier Sunday bike tours on Panay Island or for one of the races they occasionally organize. You may contact them at Bom Bom Bar near D'Mall.   You can also travel the whole Island by renting a motor bike or the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).  Hop on and journey through the entire land area of Boracay, from the steepest to the most rugged.

Hiking and Island Trekking  - Discover Boracay island's uncharted territories and be one with the nature by travelling from one tourist spot to another on foot, from Angol Point to Mount Luho, the highest point of Boracay. Just let your feet take you wherever you go. you can even hire a guide to take you through the easy or challenging routes to the Island. Everywhere is walking distance anyway.

boracay-sports-activitiesCliff Jumping - Exude that devil-may-care attitude and jump or dive off the cliff at Angol, Din-i-wid or Puka without hesitation, and climb back up to the cliff feeling invigorated and ready for more. It is undeniably addictive. 

Race Cars - Koreans especially seem to like the race cars, located beside the Main Road in Sitio Diniwid on the way to Yapak. G1 ATV and Word ATV Motors are the two companies offering this noisy pleasure on a race track. 

 Beach Volleyball | Football - Get fit, increase your stamina and play a stress free game of beach volleyball and football.  Volleyball nets areset  up in many  places along White Beach, especially in the morning and afternoon. that's when people gather and play just for fun. If you're alone and you want to play beach volleyball, you can go to beachfront of Sea Wind Resort or Steakhouse Restaurant and you'll find people who are ready to compete with just about anyone. The same is true for beach football (soccer),  which is also often played on White Beach. Beach Tennis is also available on the beach front of Aria and Cafe Del Sol.

Ultimate Frisbee - Catch the beach fever by throwing and catching Frisbee with your friends or with the island locals along the stretch of the White Beach. You may join the locals in thier daily afternoon pick-up games at the beachfront Of Hey jude, Bom Bom Bar, Pat Creek Bar or Leah's Bar.

Golf - It is available at The Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Country Club in Barangay Yapak. This World Class Gold Course 18 hole, par 72 golf course is designed by Graham Marsh and was opened in 1997. Its gurgling creeks, rushing waterfalls and sparkling lakes justify its title as the "Golfing Jewel of the Pacific". The course is normally open to members only, but occasioanlly , non members can play. Just visit Fairways and Blue Waters and register for whatever package that fits your lifestyle.

Horseback Riding. An exciting and unexpected opportunity: ride a horse through the country side of Boracay! The ponies and horses are friendly and are led by experienced guides, so riders of all ages are welcome.  For a minimal amount, you will have a grand tour of the island by the most gallant creatures of all. Visit Boracay Horse Riding Stables.

Billiards is very popular in the Philippines and Filipinos are among the best player in the world. There are many places all over Boracay to enjoy billiards.  If you want to playBowling, you can go to Datu's Bowling Lane, with six lanes. It is on the Main Road opposite the entrance to D'Mall. If you're into Wall Climbing, Patio Pacific Boracay Resort has an 11-meter rock wall, complete with an overhang. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, climbing the only rock wall on Boracay will be both challengin and fun! Tennis Courts on the other hand is vailable at Tirol and Tirol Beach Resort. The court rental cost about Php150 per hour.

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