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Boracay After Dark | Nightlife at its Best!

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Night out in Boracay | Evening Activities

For such a small island, Boracay  offers a number of  nightlife option to its visitors. Listening to classical guitarist or pianist while having romantic candle light dinner  to jamming with the local bands while dancing on sandy grounds are just a few options. Most of the big resorts and hotels at Boracay offers live entertainment. Starting from the northern end of  White Beach and going south, you'll see 24-hour spots and entertainment places. Generally, White Beach is thehospot but you'll find entertainment and music almost every night somewhere on Boracay Island.

During the high season, the night spots are often crowded on weekends. Some discos charge an entrance fee then. On weekdays and in the low season there are generally smaller crowds and less nighlife action.

boracay island nightlife Boracay Bars: the many bars on Boracay, and especially those along White Beach, are more than the heart of island nighlife. Most are often not only at night, but in the morning and all day. Some of the most popular bars Cocomangas Shooter Bar, located near Balabag plaza, Fridays Resort near the northern end of White Beach, Pat Creek Bar, Cafe del Sol, Isla Baila, Mango-Ray Resort and Cocoloco. 

On the other side of the island on the beach in Bulabog, there is Banana Saging. this simple bar is a fun place for food and snacks.

Boracay Discos:  Pier One formerly known as Beachcomber Disco turns into a Disco after Dinner. Hiphop and techno music are usually played.  Popular recording artists from Manila occasionally performs here live. It's mostly a younger crowd around the big bar and the billiard tables or seated in comfortable pillow-chairs.Summer Place, also called the Sex Shooter Bar, is moret han a bar. Its another center of nightlife on the Island, with a Mongolian Grill, a disco and a stage for live band and special events. Club Paraw lies between Pier One and the beachside part of the Cocomangas bar. Mainly young people dance and chat located directly on the beach.

Shows and Live Bands: Fridays Resort is offering etcnic and cultural dance shows every friday night. Live bands perform on weekends at Bom Bom - a popular island-style bar located on the White Beach path. Secxs in the Alice in wonderland resort also have livebands on weekend night. Sulu Star on the other hand offers karaoke and disco with nightly singing and dance contest.

24-Hour Spots - If you're out late and still hungry or thirsty, try Sea Lover's, a charming little Filipino restaurant and the oldest 24-hour place on Boracay. For a salad, a sandwich and another drink,  Salad Bar is located at D'Mall and further south down White Beach is Bamboo Beach Resort or Dalisay for that late last drink. 

One of the best things in Boracay? Nighlife!

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