Boracay: Sea and Watersports, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling

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Watersports, Boracay Style!

Scuba Diving
Sign up for an introductory dive and explore the underwater life with fishes at some dive sites for beginners or be an expert diver and dive 130 feet below sea level at Ship Wreck and discover how Pelagics move beneath the sea. 

Blue Mango Dive Center              (63)(36)288-6954
Boracay Scuba                              (63)(36)288-5780

Boat Trips - you can take a boat trip around the island for just sightseeing but its more fun with stopovers at different beaches for drinks, lunch, swimming and snorkelling. Wind condition sometimes makes boating on one or the other side of the island unsafe, but either coast of Boracay has enough beaches and snorkelling areas.


Paraw Sailing - Let the wind take you wherever the wind leads you and sail into the glorious sunset on this unique, double-winged wind driven boat that can only be ultimately enjoyed in Boracay.  Paraws, small outrigger sailboats, is ideal for 2 to 6 people and may be rented with or without the two-man crew, depending on your sailing skills.  Sailing instruction is also available. Many boatmen along White Beach allowed thier paraws to be rented at per hour basis. Or you can contact the Malay Sailing Boat Owner Association Inc. (MASBOI) at (63)936)288-6196.

Snorkeling- Some boatmen provides snorkels and fins once you rented thier boat for island hopping or snorkelling. Snorkels and fins are also available at most hotels, dive shops and at some beaches where either beach operators or restaurants are located.

Skimboarding - For several years now, skimboarding in Boracay has been an entertainment for older people. But for the kids, it is a new watersports. The shallow water of  White Beach is the best beach to practice skimboarding. You can rent skimboards at several places along White Beach. 

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing - The best beach for windsurfing and kitesurfing is Bulabog beach where equipment rentals, winsurfing and kitesurfing lessons are available. Ocean Republic offers a different packages from 2 hours to 3-days course. Wind and wave conditions are best between December and February during the northern monsoon. 

Ocean Republic     (63)(36)266-3876

Waterskiing, Banana Boat, Glass Bottom Boat and Parasailing - These activities are all available on the White Beach. As of 2007, waterskiing costs about Php900 for 15 minutes and Jet Skiing about Php1,500 for 30 minutes. The popular banana boat ride costs about Php200 each for a minimum of four people.

There are two glass bottom boats allowing you to see Boracay's underwater world while you stay dry. The smaller boat can accomodate 6 to 8 persons and the trip takes around 1 hour. The bigger boat names We Found It, takes up to 30 persons out for  one and a half hours. The best time for Parasailing is in the high season during the northeast monsoon where the sea off White Beach is calm at that time.

Banana boat rides, waterskiing, jet skiing and parasailing can be arranged at some resorts or at the Boracay Tourist Center.

Boracay Tourist Center                (63)(36)288-3704
Small Glass Bottom Boat             (63)(36)288-6269
We Found It (mobile no.)            +639184905619 

Fishing - Kingfisher's Farm is in a lovely inlet surrounded by mangroves. You can order food and drinks and just watch the many birds and constantly jumping fishes. You can try your luch for fishing those jumping fish (mostly bangus and tilapia). Kingfishers Farm will grill your catch for you. With fishing, a restaurant, and a small store, billiards and table tennis, Kingfisher's is ideal for kids, families and friends.

Kingfisher's Farm, Lagutan Road   (63)(36)288-6321 or 288-3699

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