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Boracay Travel and Security Tips

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Boracay General Travel and Security Tips

Money Matters. Major international currencies can be exchanges for Pesos at Banks, the Boracay Tourist Center and some resorts, restaurant and bars. Credit cards are accepted at most big hotels , resorts, restaurants and bars. The five banks on Boracay are open weekdays, 9 AM to 4 PM.

Electricity.  Voltage is 220 volts with 60 cycles. Electricity is stable and good. There are sometimes "brownouts" however, bt they seldom las longer than an hour. Many establishments have back-up generators.

Dresscode. It is best to war casual clothes like shorts, T-shirts and slippers for arrival and departure boat trips. It is generally advisable to bring a light sweater or wrap for evenings.

Internet Access. is available on some big resorts and on internet cafes along the White Beach path. International Mail Service is also available at Boracay Tourist Center. Cable Television, with about 50 channels is available in most of the better resorts. Major National Newspaper may be purchased from vendors walking along the beach.

Some English and German magazines as well as maps and tourist guides can be found at the Boracay Tourist Center. The Boracay Tour Bulletin provides information about the island life and is available for free at some resorts and the boracay Tourist Center.

Drinking Water. When out and about, carry or buy bottled mineral water. Potable water from the Boracay Water System is used in the better resorts and restaurants.

Food. Freshness and quality are quite good during high season when the island is busy. During the low season, do check the displayed seafood.

Swimming. The sea of White Beach during the high season is mostly calm. The sea is often rougher during the low season and off other beaches. Always check the direction of the tide and any currents before swimming offshore.

Photography. In general, Filipinos enjoy having thier photos taken. Older people however, should be asked before photographing them. Remember to always employ respect when photographing people you dont know.  Films can be bought at stores in Talipapa and D'Mall, and at several photo shops and sari-sari stores. Some photo shops can develop film in about one hour.

Valuables. Boracay is quite safe. Passports, money and other valuables, however should be deposited upon arrival for kapeseeking at your resort or hotel. Safe deposit boxes can be rented at the Boracay Tourist Center.

Emergencies. Government authorities and business sector on Boracay Island both operate search and rescue groups. The police station maintains a 24-hour Hotline. Auxiliary police, called tanods are also available 24-hours. Visitors however, should always exercise appropriate safety measures and insist on being provided necessary safety equipments, especially for diving, boating and other water sports.

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