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Boracay Weather and Climate
There are only two climates dominating Boracay Island. The Northeast Monsoon or Amihan, begins on the month of November and last until the month of May where it is ideal time to come to Boracay. Temperature ranging 25 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius. From March until June is summer time where temperature range from  28 degrees to 38 degrees Celsius, it is the most hottest time of the year at Boracay. From July to November is the Southwest monsoon "Habagat". This is the wettest season of the year. Foreign Tourist flocked the island during this time where the hotel accomodation is cheap and you can enjoy Boracay Island at its best.

Typical Boracay Weather
Mid-November to Mid-May: dry season-average mid-day temperature 32 degrees Celsius - blue skies-calm seas-cool sea breezes that may make airconditioning unnecessary.

Mid-May to Mid-July: Mixed Boracay Weather, mixed season, breezy with light showers in the afternoon blue skies possible monsoon showers starting in June.

Mid-July to Mid-November: Boracay weather is rainy season - average mid-day temperature 30 degrees celcius. Blue cloudy skies, fresh and breezy, choppy seas, normally rains 2 hours during the day and 1 or 2 hours at night. This is also the typhoon season that brings stormy boracay weather that normally last about 3 to 4 days.

Domestic or International calls can be made from most hotels either through the operator or direct distance dialing (DDD). The telephone system does not however allow collect calls. Mobile phones enjoy a growing popularity in the island.

Philippine pesos is the medium of exchange although U.S Dollars and major credit cards are widely accepted at resorts and restaurants. Change  your money at Manila where the rate is better than in Boracay Island. Safety deposit boxes for valuables are availbale at the Tourist Centre and in most resorts.

No current health warnings. However, while on Boracay Island, it's advisable to drink sealed bottled mineral water only. Ice is okay since it's made from chlorinated water. remember to drink a lot while in tropical climate particularly id you're exercising or esposed to the sun for hours on end. The biggest health hazards on Boracay are sunburn and the day-after effects of alcohol, both self-inflicted, so take it easy. A first aid kit is always a wise traveling companion.

Boracay Service Facilities
A provincial hospital, medical clinic, couple of supermarket and a department store, a number of wet seafood market, one hour photo shops, churches, gyms, computer center, real estate offices, banks, laundry shops, post offices and other air service, International schools, Department of Tourism and other government agencies, Philippine National Police, Philippine Coast Guard, Malay Aklan Police, wide selection of souvenir stalls and specialty restaurant.

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