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Travel to Boracay | Tranquility via Land, Air and Sea

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By Plane
The most popular means of travelling to boracay in Malay, Aklan is by air via Kalibo. There are regular cheap flights from 
Manila to Kalibo Airport in Aklan on Panay Island. The flight takes less than one hour, but an additional 90 minutes bus trip to Caticlan Jetty Port is required.

From Kalibo to Caticlan
Southwest Tours, Star Express and 7107 Island Tours ply the route from Kalibo Airport to Caticlanwith air-conditioned buses or coasters. Included in the price is also the boat transfer from Caticlan to one of Boracay's boat stations. Other means of reaching Caticlan are mini-vans, which are a little cheaper, but don't provide boat service to Boracay. The trip takes 1 to 1.5 hours.

Smaller turbo planes fly directly to Caticlan Airport, This is the fastest way and fromCaticlan Airport, only a short tricycle ride to the jetty port.

By Ship
An adventorous but more leisurely and romantic way to travel to Boracay is by Ferry from Manila to Caticlan or Dumaguit, near Kalibo. The trip to Boracay takes about 17 hours.

MBRS Shipping Lines have two boats plying the route from Manila to Caticlan. The ships leave Manila's North Harbor, Pier 8, every Friday, Monday and Wednesday and arrive in Caticlan the next day. 

Other shipping companies service the route Manila to Dumaguit, half an hour east from Kalibo. The companies are WG&A and Negros Navigation.

By Land
Caticlan, the entry point for Boracay, can be reached also by private cars or air-conditioned buses, via the 'strong republic nautical highway', stretching from Batangas, Luzon, to Cagayan de Oro.  This is probably the cheapest way to go to Boracay.  But it takes more time an adventorous spirit. See Travel to Boracay by RORO

Arriving on Boracay - The new Jetty Port at Caticlan
Boracay Island itself is then reached by travelling on motorized bancas (motorized outtrigger boats), which is continously ply the short trail between the island. The boat trip takes 20 to 25 minutes and land at three defined areas, known as Boat Stations 1,2 and 3 along the shoreline of White Beach. If you're going to visit Boracay, it is advisable that you find out in advance which Boat Station is closest to the resort where you are staying. Most travel agency can arranged that for you.

TIP: it is best to wear casual clothes like shorts, T-shirt and slippers for arrival and departure boat trips. You may get wet while crossing the channel between Caticlan and Boracay Island, and usually one has to wade a short distance in shallow water from the boat to the beach.

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