Boracay Attractions - Beautiful Viewpoints, Scenic Areas & Caves

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Must see Attractions in Boracay Island

Mount Luho - This is the most impressive viewpoint and the highest elevation (100 meters above the sea) on Boracay Island. it's not an easy climb but the view above Mount Luho is worth it. The best way going there is to hike or take your mountain bike up and steep road going north fromBarangay Bulabog, on the Eastern side of Boracay Island. Leaving Bulabog Village, you will reach a much quieter world with only the chirps of birds and occasional distant banca. Continuing north, a sign on the road will tell you where to pay a small entrance fee and begin your climb to the panoramic view of Boracay Island.

Boracay Rock  - This is a fascinating natural formation and It is located just off the east coast beach. The small island is completely undercut by the sea and the top overhangs the recessed base. Between Boracay Rock and Little Boracay Rocks, shells, corals and starfish abound, making it favorite fossicking spot for the local resident.

Beaches and Naked Rock  - At the northern end of  White Beach, a walk on the path around the rocky point towards the beach of  Diniwid will give you a magnificent view of Boracay from another perspective. For a view of the volcanic origins of the Island, have a drink at Balinghai Beach Resort on the cliff above the lovely, small cove. A short walk to Punta Bunga Beach and you will reach the  Naked Rock and you can  see Mindoro Island on the northwest while resting on theNaked Rock. See also page of  Boracay Beaches

Boracay Island AttractionWilly's Rock - Situated one hundred meters off shore, in the shallow water near Boat Station 1,Willy's Rock is a castle-like volcanic formation that dominates the seascape along White Beach. Facing the beach are stairs leading to a chapel at the top, which contains a statue of the Virgin Mary. Willy's Rock is the most photographed landmark on Boracay and offers a commanding view of the island. On the distant horizon, Naasog Point on Panay Island can be seen. 

Live Coral Beds - On the southern end of White Beach, past the beach rocks, is a large coral shelf that has the countless varieties of living coral in a myriad of shapes and sizes, including many examples of colorful branin coral. The shelf is exposed above the water at low tide. The coral and the rocky coast line combine to make a perfect location for photographers.

Caves - There are number of caves on Boracay Island. The Kalikugan Cave is located betweenBaling-Hai and Punta Bunga Beaches. You will find the Crystal Cave, Cave of Buslugan and the Bat Cave on the rocky coasteast of Yapak. The Bat Cave is home to many cave bats with wingspans up to four feet. Flying foxes hang in nearby trees during the day. For small amount, local guide can lead you to the Bat Caves, Buslugan Caves and other caves on the island. More info onBoracay Flying Foxes

Dead Forest and Wooded Area - is located at the southern end of Bulabog. It is an abandoned fishpond with branches of dead mangroves reaching strangely out of the water. The mangroves are said to have died when the fishpond dam broke and seawater flooded the pond. The wooded area is at the south end of White Beach.

Gateway Arc -  This large arc at the tip of Bulaboc Point is the gateway to Boracay's exclusive development, Fairways and bluewater Leisure resort. The small, concrete quay, just beyond the rock arch, affords spectacular views of the island's scenic east coast from Lapuz-Lapuz Point to Boracay Island's southeastern tip, a distance of six kilometers. The Gateway Arc is easily accessible by trycicle of motor scooter.

KAR-TIR Seashell Museum - Located at the village of Ilig-iligan, Kar-tir Seashell Museumfeatures an interesting collection of seashells, woodcarvings, pottery, hand-woven articles, and traditional costumes from all over the Philippines.

Boracay Butterfly Garden | Butterfly Farm - Walk amongs rare and beautiful butterflies in a tropical garden, by the Beach. It's fun and educational with conducted tours of the life cycles, with eggs, caterpillars, pupae and the butterflies. Boracay Buttefly Garden is located at Bolabog Beach and five minutes away from D'Mall. You'll also find handicrafts and plants for sale at theButterfly Farm.  More info on Boracay Butterfly Garden And Butterfly Farm.

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