Roro To Boracay

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Roro to Boracay -The Nautical Highway
The Nautical Highway stretches 703 kilometers and 137 miles from Manila to Dapitan City in Mindanao. This "highway" is actually a combination of overland highways and roll-on, roll-off (RoRo) vessels that allow you to bring vehicle to Panay Island and visit key cities like Kalibo. However, one cannot ferry a car to Boracay Island.

Buses- Manila to Caticlan
There are some bus companies in Cubao/Pasay which serves the Manila-Caticlan route. There is thePhiltranco. The RORO boracay bus trip is a four-part travel. First, the two-hour bus ride from Cubao-Batangas Port. Then the 2-3 hours RORO to Calapan, Mindoro. Third stretch is another 2-3 hours land travel to Roxas
Port, Mindoro. Last part is the 4-5 hours RORO to Caticlan Port. From there, you are just a 15-minute ferry-ride away from Boracay

By Private Cars
A RoRo (Roll On - Roll Off) vessel leaves Batangas daily at 8.30 AM to Calapan, Mindoro. From there, drive your own car or board a mini-van to Roxas, Mindoro, where another RoRo vessel leaves at 2 PM for Caticlan, where the boat arrives at 6 PM. Private cars can be parked at one of the many shady and secured parking lots for a fee. No cars are allowed on Boracay Island. 

The same RoRo vessel leaves Caticlan daily at 9 AM. 

Roro to Boracay

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